As March comes to and end during these unprecedented times we step into April with a step into the unknown. We are filled with questions of what to do? How long will this last? Not knowing what the full scope of the Coronavirus and it’s long term effects and when there will be a return to normalcy is both emotionally and physically challenging. The unknown can be scary. You don’t know what to expect, but there are many things we do know.  We do know we can use this time for good. Spend times with our loved ones at home with us and those from afar, help the elderly and immune compromised in our lives, and support our healthcare and essential workers. We can take time to create, build and strengthen the relationships we have with ourselves and those around us. I have enjoyed my daily phone calls with my 90 year old grandparents and hearing about the adventures at my sisters house with 6 people under one roof. More than anything I have enjoyed staying connected during this time of isolation. There are endless stories of people coming together to care and support loved ones and strangers while afar. We do know we will get through this and we will end up stronger when we lift each other up by being of use, of service, to ourselves and others. -Shannon Fischer